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My Inventory

Upload Your Inventory

My Inventory is the place to store and record all your trades so you can track all your deals/trades. The trades that you execute will automatically be added to the inventory. Users can also record trades that have been executed offline (through brokers) or online on a different platform.

The recorded bonds in the inventory will also reflect the active bids/offers values that are ongoing in the Live Market.

  1. Download Template: This option will download an Excel file in which you can enter the ISIN of the bond and the yield/clean price that you closed the deal at and upload the same Excel file over here. Your details will be uploaded over here accordingly.
  2. Manual Update: In case you do not want to download the Excel template and re-upload, you can directly opt for this option and upload your trades directly by searching. You can follow for the next steps ahead in Record Trade discussed ahead.