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My Inventory


After uploading your bond trade deals, your My Inventory dashboard will look like this.

All your bonds bought/sold will be listed from the Excel file template you downloaded or manual entries you add.
This will also help you track the valuation and available amount for further trading. It will also track the value and amount of bonds bought/sold here and will be reflected above in the blue and orange boxes respectively.

  1. To upload any other trades you can add by choosing Upload File and upload your new Excel file here to for your record here.
    You can also manually enter new trades by choosing Add to Inventory and input the ISIN of the bond and it will automatically list the bond.
  2. To ease re-navigation to search the bond again, these are three easily accessible icons.
    • Icon 1: My EOIs (Expressions of Interest) - This will redirect you to your My EOIs (explained further in "My EOIs").
    • Icon 2: Bond Details - This will redirect you to the bond Security/Details page.
    • Icon 3: Bond Calculator - The tool added here for reference to calculate for own purpose.
  3. Record Trade feature is provided for users to report the trades executed by them onto the NSE platform (NSCCL). Steps to execute recorded trades is explained further ahead.