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Bond Search

Main Page

Bond Search is the page where users can search up for all the types of Bonds that are currently available in the Market. Users get the option to look up for their requirements and then put up on the Live Market.

The Bond Search page looks like this.

  1. Filters option is provided to aid the Users for simpler navigation in searching through the Bond database.
  2. Search Bar also available for Users to find the required Bonds using specific keywords such as AAA, 1 year, 2032, etc.
  3. Bond Description that is shown when clicked on a certain bond in the list which in short gives all the details stating it's credit rating, the face value, it's issue date and security.
  4. ISIN of the Bond and a link that further navigates to a new window to show the details and description of the Bond.
    The new window will open and show information on the Bond's IMs (Information Memorandum), a Calculator tool, Pricing and Cashflow.

The external window that contains Details, Pricing and Cashflow is discussed further.