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Live Market

Search, Filters, Market-Watch and Notifications

Users will have a feature to create unlimited views, which they can filter according to the preference they want to. There will be default views, which are All, G-Sec, Corporate and Money Market. These will contain the types of Bond that fall under these criteria.

  1. Filters are provided based on the bond type, maturity, credit rating, etc. Users can set the filter accordingly and save the view.
  2. The above saved view will automatically be created above along with the default saved views for the Bond type. +Load View will contain the saved views and the User can open the view they want to see.
  3. The Search Bar is useful to find bonds based on the keywords that the Market participant wants to look for.
    For example, if the user enters in AAA, or 1 year, or 2036, 2032 or 9% and the Search Bar will filter out according to the keywords that were entered.
  4. Notifications panel is provided to update the participant of the intraday activities among the other traders in the Market. Users will also be alerted here for the Bids/Offers that are put up on RFQ platform.
    This also has a filter to alert users based on the particular trade bids/offers ongoing.