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EOI basically means Expression of Interest. This basically means that you are interested either in buying or selling the bonds and are willing to trade with other active participants on the Market.

This is how your My EOIs Dashboard will look like.

Users will be able to see all their listed bonds here, and see the status of their bond along with the value date and yield/price at which it is ongoing. The status of the bond will either be CBC (Call Before Closing) or FIRM.

• CBC: Call Before Closing is basically where the user and the counterparty can negotiate between themselves by deciding onto a final value they want to close the trade at. Thus, there is a slight room of getting negotiable rates for the trade.
• FIRM: Firm bids/offers are non-negotiable and thus will only be traded at the value set by the user or the counterparty in case of buying/selling. All firm bids/offers will have a timer set by the users according to their preference. Post that the validity of the listed bond expires.

  1. Users can search and filter to view the ongoing deals. They will be able to see best bids/best offers against their listed bonds.
  2. Best Bids/Best Offers section will show the best yield/price rate that will align to the users listed rates. This will accordingly filter the best deal for the user which they can Give in case of selling or Take in case of buying.
  3. Users are also provided with the Edit Trade option, in case they want to update or rectify changes to their listed bond before closing the deal.
    The Delete Trade option is also given in case the user refrains from trading for the listed bond.

Steps to Closing your Bid and Closing your Sell/Offer is discussed further ahead.