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Live Market

Market Depth

Market Depth helps you in knowing the trend of the bond ongoing in the Market. Here you can click on Market Depth for the bond and it will open a panel like this.

As seen in the panel, the specific security will have the details about the current price and yield. There will be a panel that will reflect PEP, Buy OI and Sell OI.

  • PEP is the Probable Execution Price which is the estimated price at which probability of trade is high.
  • Buy OI and Sell OI is the open interest listed by other active participants on the platform for the security.
  1. Users can create a new Bid/Offer with this currently active security while punching the Quantum, Value Date, Yield & Clean Price.
  2. Users can see the activity of the current security in the Market with the ongoing Bid/Offers based on the Yield/Clean Price.
    Users can directly hit on "Give" or "Take" if they want to sell/buy the Bond directly from here than navigating and placing the Bid/Offer.
  3. The Market depth of the security for the previous 5  latest completed trades are shown along with the date of closing, the Quantum at which it was traded for along with the yield, and the exchange platform it was traded from.
    This helps market participants to know the latest trend in the quotes of the security with the current yield and volume and the exchange platform on which the trade was settled.